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Frequently Asked Questions

or "What to Expect from a Metro Home Inspection"


A home inspection is a comprehensive visual examination of the structure and working systems. It covers the exterior building envelope, all accessible structural components from the foundation to the rooftop and includes basic testing of the bathrooms, plumbing, heating, electrical and ventilation systems.


A home inspection will reduce the risk of having to deal with unexpected defects in a house. You will gain firsthand knowledge about the house and determine whether it meets your expectations. Our goal is to identify major issues and qualities that the house may have.

Houses cannot fail an inspection -- but they can fail to meet your expectations.

• How long have you been in business?

Since 1989.

• What type of Report does METRO HOME INSPECTIONS provide?

METRO HOME INSPECTION'S report is a detailed matrix/narrative reporting system. The completed report will describe each of the following systems in detail with written comments regarding satisfactory components, component failures and maintenance suggestions:

• When can I expect to receive my Report?

Immediately after the inspection is complete the inspector will present the report to you. This presentation will be factual and the material in the report is treated as confidential.

METRO HOME INSPECTIONS reports are for the exclusive use of their clients only and are not available for resale to third parties or for unauthorized other uses.

• How do I schedule a Home Inspection?

You can contact METRO HOME INSPECTIONS at (604) 240-5174 seven days a week to schedule an appointment. Once a booking is made, your Real Estate agent will need to arrange entry to the property and then call both you and METRO HOME INSPECTIONS to confirm the appointment.

• Should we be present during the inspection?

Yes, DEFINITELY, at least for the last hour, as a major part of our service is to review our observations with you and to answer any resulting questions or concerns that you may have.

• How much will the Home Inspection cost?

This depends on the finished area of the home to be inspected. Other factors to be considered are the number of kitchens, bathrooms, type of heating system, whether the house is on a crawl space, and the age of house. These can all significantly affect the amount of time required to perform the inspection.

Please call us to with the details so that we may provide you with a quote.