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The Perfect Home Inspection

The "Perfect Home Inspection" would include an x-ray analysis of the home and building site along with a complete and accurate prediction of future performance, failures and maintenance requirements in an easy-to-read report . . . all at little or no cost to the new homeowner.

Not possible.

For home inspectors (and home purchasers), the fear is that major defects might go undetected and unreported.

Most home inspectors will claim to meet the published standards for home inspections. But, in our experience, will:

These reports are not worth the paper they are printed on.

Carrying out a thorough investigative inspection is not easy. We do not have a TV show where the problems have already been found and then entertain you with the staged "discovery".

It does not make us popular with vendors and real estate professionals.

However, it is in the best interests of you, the people that depend on our services.