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Excellent Service from Mark @ MHI

"Based on recommendations from this site and conversations with Pierre, we hired MHI to inspect a townhouse in Burnaby. Mark was brilliant. He was thorough, professional and extremely detail oriented. He found several things that need immediate attention as well as some down the road issues. He not only inspected inside, but did a review of the outside of the entire complex. As a result of his inspection, we lowered our offer. Initially our revised offer was rejected and we walked. Later, the owner countered but we dug in our heels, our revised offer was eventually accepted. We not only saved money, but have a complete document outlining everything that needs to be done, could be done, and should be watched. All home buyers should make offers subject to inspection and HIRE MHI! Even if you're lucky and they find nothing (lol), you will be confident you are making an informed decision. I highly recommend Metro Home Inspections. A must for any potential buyer."

Wygati in Burnaby
(April 26, 2010)

Knowledgeable, patient and thorough

"Mark recently inspected a house we were intending to buy. He was extremely knowledgeable and left us in no doubt that he'd given the house a thorough inspection.
His advice on what needed to be done and his presentation of the necessary information was easy to understand. He gave us the facts and left us feeling informed, if not a little wiser too."

(April 21, 2010)

Metro Home Inspections

"Metro Home Inspections provided us with the factual information we needed to make an educated decision regarding our potential purchase. Knowing our house would be the single most expensive purchase we would ever make, we wanted to know as much as possible about the condition of the house "before" we bought it. When purchasing anything, they say "buyer beware" and we did not want (nor can afford) any "nasty surprises". When problems were identified, they were gauged against the applicable building code standards. This I found comforting, as I understand it they are only “minimum” standards and I want my family to be safe. Lastly, should we decide to sell at some future date, we know we will not have problems selling it due to unknown problems or code issues. I recommend Metro Home Inspections to everyone."

AL in Vancouver
(April 14, 2010)

The best home inspector in Vancouver

"We met Pierre in 2001, when we were introduced by our realtor. She had used him for years, and credited him with her record of zero leaky condos sold, right through the leaky condo crisis. Pierre has inspected four homes for us. After we put an offer in on our very first apartment, he inspected it -- and failed it. A few years later, we saw it under tarps. Once Pierre passes a home, you can feel confident in your purchase. We even knew what maintenance we were going to have to do over the five years to come. He's incredibly knowledgeable, thorough, and meticulous. We can't recommend him highly enough."

Tanya in Kitsilano
(March 24, 2010)

Metro Home Inspections

"For a cautious, first-time buyer like myself, Pierre Lacombe has been a godsend. Pierre has expertly guided me through inspections on two homes I was considering purchasing. The experience has been both educational and life-saving with one inspection revealing potentially damaging issues that might have cost me thousands of dollars in post-purchase repairs. Pierre is quite simply the best -- the gold standard for home inspectors. He is the one you can trust, no matter how limited or extensive your home-buying experience."

M Vancouver
(Dec 17, 2009)

Thorough Service and expertise!

"Pierre is an expert in his field and shares his knowledge during the home inspection. Incredibly thorough and we had absolute confidence in his results in his inspection. Both Mark and Pierre are exceptional home inspectors!"

HW in Burnaby
(Oct 17, 2009)

Best Home Inspection in Leak City

"If you're buying a condo in the leaky condo capital of the world, you NEED to go with Metro Home Inspections. Get Pierre Lacombe to do the inspection, if you can. He's the top expert in this area. Lots of realtors hate him because he's the guy who goes to bat (and court!) to testify on behalf of victims of the leaky condo crisis in this city. Even if the building you're considering is rainscreened, he will tell you about any other water issues that other inspectors may miss, or just won't tell you about out of fear of getting "blackballed" by the realtors. Pierre did the inspection on my condo, and I couldn't be happier with the peace of mind and knowledge that I've bought into a good building."

Dee in Vancouver, BC
(Oct 12, 2007)

Metro Home Inspections is Exceptional.

"Very thorough, excellent inspector. Very straight shooter. Realtors are not very fond of him because he’ll give you the real deal."

Geordie from North Vancouver
(Jan 10, 2007)

"It is a well-accepted concept that purchasing a home, especially a first home, is a profoundly emotional, exciting and stressful time of your life. This can be even more so if it is an older house in Vancouver. In 1997 my wife and I purchased our first home, we took the advice of many and had it inspected prior to purchasing. We paid close to $400 for this service, and were told that there were no dramatic issues with the house, which would hinder our purchase. After two years of renovation we put it back on the market and were pleased with the immediate interest. The first inspection done on it devastated both us and the prospective buyers, as several issues about the foundation were discovered. Needless to say the sale fell through, as did 5 consecutive offers.

It subsequently came to our attention that Pierre Lacombe, of Metro Home Inspections, had done the inspection of our first potential buyers and noted serious concerns with the foundation and settling of the house. We then also found out that Pierre had inspected this home for another client, two weeks prior to our purchase in 1997. He had found and noted the existing issues over two years ago!

We finally sold the home, much to our financial dismay. And when it came time to purchase our next home, we immediately contacted Pierre. He is a consummate professional and will be honest with you from the start. He will remove those rose-coloured glasses you wear when you've fallen in love with the home you wish to buy. He works to inform you of all aspects of the home, and of paramount importance to him, is the protection of your interests. Pierre took me through our new home for over 3 hours, making note of every detail from plumbing to kitchens to bathrooms to heating to electrical to structural to sewage to... He then provided us with a detailed and complete 12-page home inspection report. When we purchased this home we were completely comfortable with our decision.

We were so pleased with his knowledge, confidence and professionalism that we have since referred Pierre to at least half a dozen friends in the market for a house. I give Metro Home Inspections my highest recommendations and encourage you to consider Pierre when looking for a thorough and professional inspection of your next (first) home."

Mr. S. Anthony
Vancouver, B.C.
(quoted from a 1999 letter)

"Our house was rated 'very good' by our initial building inspector, but we became aware of water problems soon after we moved in. We asked Pierre Lacombe of Metro Home Inspections to consult, and he quickly found evidence of extensive damage and provided a detailed, well-considered report outlining the extent of the damage missed by our first inspector, as well as expressing an expert opinion how to approach and repair the many problems. When the building envelope was fully stripped, we could see that every area identified by Pierre as a potential problem was indeed damaged. His initial walk-around assessment was proven absolutely accurate in every detail.

Pierre provided guidance to us and to our contractor throughout the entire building envelope repair project, and thanks to him, we now have the beautiful, well-designed, leak-and-rot-free home we first thought we had. We learned the hard way that not all building inspectors are created equal, and we have been recommending Pierre and Metro Home Inspections, without reservations, to friends ever since."

Steve Wiseman and Leslie Wicholas
Vancouver, B.C.
(quoted from a recent email message)

"Since meeting Pierre Lacombe of Metro Home Inspections several years ago, it has become my invariable practice to refer my clients to him for home inspection services. No client can afford the financial consequences of unforeseen structural or maintenance problems in a newly acquired home, especially not those buying after separation or divorce when resources are reduced. My clients have been unanimous in their satisfaction with the services provided by Mr. Lacombe and his staff.

In one case in particular, the thoroughness and accuracy of Mr. Lacombe's inspection disclosed serious installation problems with a new roof put on by the Vendor. The initial contract to buy the house collapsed over the roof issue because the Vendor was certain that the new roof was fine. Eventually the parties came to terms on the house at a reduced price and within the exact time frame predicated by Mr. Lacombe the 'new' roof began to leak. Fortunately, the Purchasers had re-negotiated their purchase price in anticipation of the need for roof repairs on the strength of Mr. Lacombe's report. Sometimes bad news can still mean a very satisfied customer.

Knowledge, thoroughness and accuracy are a must in any home acquisition. In my opinion, the people to call are Pierre Lacombe and Metro Home Inspections. They've earned my highest recommendation and the confidence of my clients."

Morag M.J. MacLeod, Lawyer
Burnaby, British Columbia
(reprinted with permission)